There are a few explanations for this issue. Often, it is due to large exports taking longer than you might expect.

  1. Check to see if this large export takes a long time.

    Exportify can handle 40,000+ orders in a single export. The progress bar displayed during your export may move slowly since the Shopify APIs allow 250 Orders at a time. If you keep your browser open, most exports will complete if you wait long enough. We have seen instances where very large exports (more than 50,000 orders) can take more than 30 minutes. You can continue to use other browser tabs while Exportify is processing an export.

  2. In some cases, there are actual errors with Exportify, or your Exportify account/configuration. If you see an error, or believe there is a problem, please email our support team at and provide your domain for your store and any error messages or screenshots that help us understand the problem.

  3. Using date ranges to export smaller batches will give you faster exports, but it will take more to get all of the orders. This is up to you and may be suitable if your internet connection is not continually on.