Exportify uses UTF-8 character encoding, and the Shopify API sends those characters as the "Unicode code point". For example:

å is sent from Shopify to Exportify as \u00e5
Æ is sent from Shopify to Exportify as \u00c6

Exportify correctly converts these Unicode code points back into UTF-8 characters in the export file, whether the format is .XLSX, .CSV, or .TXT etc.

However, the character encoding used by the software opening the file can change these characters when you open or save the file.

Check to see if your Excel is using ASCII, ANSII, or UT-8 as the default. This will override the character encoding used to export the file.

If you set Excel to open as UTF-8, the files from Exportify will show the correct characters for Æ, etc., as long as you did not already save the file with the non-UTF-8 characters. In that case, please run your Exportify export again to see the correct display of UTF-8 characters.


Here is an Excel text import article from Microsoft: