Exportify can export your Shopify Order data in a custom file format. Most often this is used to get order data out of Shopify, and into some other software or manual workflow.
Your custom Exportify file format can include:
  • All standard Shopify Order fields
  • Any custom Line Item Properties (line_item.properties) used to customize your products
  • Any custom Order Attributes  (note_attributes and/or cart attributes) used to allow customers to provide more information about their order (ex: pickup time, delivery window, personalized gift message, etc.)
  • Constants (like your fulfillment account number)
  • Calculated fields based on data in the order
  • Specific formatting for: dates, phone numbers, addresses, etc

Exportify can output file types like:

  • Excel (.xlsx)
  • Delimited text (ex: CSV, TSV, SCSV, or any character you need like "|")

Your custom Exportify configuration can output either:

  • One row per order*
  • One row per line_item

* In some cases we can output one row per order, with products in the same line

Optional Automatic Email Exports

For an additional $19/month, you can choose to have either:

  • Automatic email exports of single orders in your custom format, as an attachment to a predefined email address (perfect for sending orders to a fulfillment warehouse), or
  • Scheduled daily exports to a predefined email address provided by you.

We customize Exportify for you

To have us customize Exportify for your store, please email support@exportifyapp.com with the above customization details as well as an attached sample Delimited Text, CSV or Excel file of how you would like your setup to look.